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About Us

Mission Statement

To provide dependable quality services at an affordable price so that our clients are free to do the things they love.

Our Goal

Because AAA Affordable Cleaning Service is a high demand service, we have the advantage of supporting customers' needs by offering families and businesses competent cleaning services. Because we listen to our customers we are better able to meet their needs and are prepared to offer a list of choices to meet our customers needs.

  • Downsizing: Empty-nesters or moving to smaller home? I can help to make healthy decisions.

  • Closet Organizing: most clients don’t know how to let go of items; I have a proven process that assists clients in making good decisions. 

  • Moving in or moving out is a big job and I am equipped and able to assist.

  • Baby Proofing is something most new parents find arduous. AAA Affordable Cleaning Service is educated to create a safe and healthy place for children.

I hold a  BFA in interior design and understand how to care for counter tops, floors and walls, and fabrics, both for home and office.  I have extensively studied sustainable design so I understand how important it is to use safe products that can be used around children and pets that get the job done.   

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