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To Dust or not to Dust?

Do you have to dust everything all the time?

Dust is the largest contributor to allergies and lung problems, and we find it

everywhere - even in rooms that haven’t been used.

So, not to gross you out, but dust is an accumulation of pollen as well as dander, dead skin, food debris, and even insect droppings. We are inviting dust mites into our living spaces because dust mites love it all!So if you have any of these, you have dust. The really bad news is dust attracts more dust.

Dust can cause many reactions - sneezing, runny nose, congestion, watery eyes and an itchy throat. Some types of asthmas are triggered by a dust allergy and you may experience more severe symptoms like trouble breathing, chest tightness, and wheezing. So getting rid of as much dust as possible is important.

What is the best way to dust? Using a damp cloth or a microfiber cloth will reduce spreading dust throughout the area. Always dust starting from top to bottom (gravity rule); this helps make sure you are not spreading dust to areas you already dusted.

There are so many ways to reduce the spread of dust. For example: not wearing shoes in the house, grooming pets, changing your filt

er, dusting blinds, keeping floors clean and cleaning bedding often. But the one thing that dust and dust mites love is clutter.Dust seems to be attracted to clutter. So if you can reduce placing lots of items on a countertop, you can reduce dust build up. Less dust equals less dust mites.

I know I gave you a lot to think about, and hopefully some ideas to reduce the collection of dust in your home. Now to answer the question - do you have to dust everything all the time? I used to work in the dental field, and when patients asked, “Do I have to floss all my teeth all the time?” Our answer was, “No you don’t. Just floss the teeth you want to keep.” My answer to dusting is, “No you don't have to dust everything. Just dust the areas where you don’t want dust mites to live.”

Please leave a comment if this was helpful. If you have found a way to keep dust down please let me know. I always love helpful hints. – Irene Lawrence

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