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Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost?

It only takes three simple steps. 

  1. Just call or email me to schedule an appointment.

  2. On my visit I will gather information and most importantly your particular cleaning needs.

  3. Then I create a proposal based on the size of the area, frequency, and type of cleaning, along with any special requests. 


How often will I need cleanings?
I offer basic cleaning for daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly residential and commercial clients. I always say it all depends on you and your lifestyle.


Do you have a problem with pets in the home?I love fur babies and don’t mind them being around while I clean. I ask however if you know you have a pet that is not happy with visitors please make sure we are both safe.


Do I have to be on site to get cleaning done?
No. We can decide how I let myself in to make it safe for both you and me.


What if I find that you missed something?
If you find that I missed something please contact me immediately. I will return and make it right. I believe that the most important part of my work is a satisfied customer.

If I do not cancel my appointment within 24 hours will there be a charge?

Yes, you will be asked to pay in full. I do require a 24 hour notice if there is a cancellation as it would be difficult to fill or change my schedule to make up for loss billing. You will be asked to pay in full. 

Do I have to provide cleaning products/ materials of equipment? ​

You may if you have particular products you want to be used in your home. Otherwise I will provide my own. 

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