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Why Use a Housekeeper?

If you often wonder why some people hire a house cleaner, it’s simple. Just ask yourself one question…

“Is my time worth more than the cost of service?”

Here is a great way to determine if hiring a house cleaner is the right thing for you. After having a house cleaner come to your home, if you find you are regretful for spending the money, then maybe a house cleaner isn’t right for you. But before you stop, here are reasons I have found people feel great for hiring a housekeeper.

One of my clients is a couple. They needed someone to come in bi-weekly because they were doing a lot of cleaning on their time off and found they didn’t have enough time for their family. Hiring me to do the deep cleaning freed them and gave them peace of mind. When deciding if they should hire a cleaner, it was no brainer.

Another couple decided that they were retired, and that meant not cleaning anymore; they were able to free up their time for hobbies and just sitting outside enjoying bird watching. Something they both wanted to do for years. This was another example of the value of time.

So why do you hire a house cleaner? It really could be that you just hate house work, or your in-laws are coming to town and you need time to plan, or you have a new baby in the house and mom and dad are overwhelmed with the care of the baby, and the house care is suffering. You could be that couple who just retired, or a family that needs to free up time to be a family; you just have to decide what it’s worth to you.

Before I close, I have one more story. Although this story doesn’t fit most of us, I love to share this story because selecting the right cleaner is important too.

I started cleaning a large estate home that was almost never lived in. I wondered why they had me cleaning it every week which took me most of the day to clean. The home was used as an investment rather than a home. They would bring people up for the weekends and needed to make sure all areas were done according to specific guidelines. They would let some clients enjoy a wonderful stay at their county estate for the weekend and needed to make sure that everything was in order. One day when the owner was there, I felt I could save them money by letting them know that I could come only when needed, and I asked why they used me every week. They told me they wanted someone around that they could trust to keep an eye on things if something was wrong - they knew they could depend on me to do the job without slacking. They really had me at TRUST.

I put this story in last because it’s important to get what you paid for, but more so the assurance that you are getting someone who is reliable, dependable, and most of all someone you can trust.

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